The Best Tours in Madrid

Delve into Madrid with us to experience historically significant, magical, and life-changing sights and experiences. Madrid is the elegant capital of Spain, and it’s absolutely rich in culture and beautiful scenery. From vast 19th century parks, to world-renowned art, Madrid has something special for everyone that’s lucky enough to visit it.

Read on for the best sightseeing tours in Madrid.

1. Prado Museum- For World-Class Art

The Prado Museum, or Museo Del Prado, is famous world-wide for having the richest and most comprehensive collection of Spanish art in the world, alongside brilliant Italian Flemish, and generally European art. The Prado building is over two centuries old, and currently houses works of art by famous artists such as Titian, Velázquez Rubens, and El Greco. You’ll have the pleasure of an art expert giving the tour, answering your questions and explaining the significance of various pieces of art throughout the centuries.

2. El Retiro Park- For Outstanding Natural Beauty in Spain

The Buen Retiro Park, or simply El Retiro, is one of the biggest parks in all of Spain, and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The park boasts more than 15,000 trees, interesting monuments, countless different gardens, and what is believed to be Madrid’s oldest tree.

This park is perfect for strolls, outdoor sport activities, sightseeing, and even boating on the lake. This green oasis also hosts a glass pavilion from the 1800s, which showcases exotic plants from the Philippines. El Retiro is both a wonderful green space to work out, or to relax and enjoy the view and architecture.

3. Plaza Mayor- Six Centuries of Spanish Cultural Interest

The Plaza Mayor, or in English, the Town Square, is one of Madrid’s oldest booming market areas. This plaza dates back to the 15th century, when it used to be Madrid’s main marketplace. King Phillip II petitioned to have the area remodeled with brilliant classical architecture, and was constantly restructured over the years.

The Plaza Mayor now hosts Christmas annual events and markets, and on Sundays and holidays, hosts a stamp and coin collecting market. In the center of the square, you can find an iconic bronze statue of King Phillip III riding a horse that dates back over 300 years.

Visiting this magnificent town square is a first-hand look at the life that Madrid has to offer, and is a sneak peek into the habits and traditions of the Spanish people.

4. Royal Palace of Madrid- To See a Life of Spanish Royalty

A history-filled guided tour in one of the most majestic and royal palaces in the world. Tours of the Royal Palace include seeing places where royalty conducted their days, such as the banquet hall and the throne room. You can admire the walls of the halls which are decorated with exclusive art by the likes of Giordano and Goya, and admire the grand architecture that ties the place together.

During some tours, if you’re lucky, you can be provided with the opportunity to walk through the royal gardens, which are a special type of magic on their own. This tour is perfect for history buffs, architecture admirers, and anyone who’s interested in the history of the royalty of Madrid.

5. Bus Tour of Madrid- For a Little Bit of Everything

If you can’t decide on what you’d like to see in Madrid, or if you simply can’t just choose one thing, then a hop-on/hop-off bus tour might be perfect for you!

These bus tours will showcase the most popular and famous places all over Madrid, and if a place really catches your interest, you can choose to get off of the bus and explore the location a bit more.

Bus tours are popular because you’ll get multiple experiences in one tour, while getting informative information on all of the different stops, all while being comfortable for the whole ride!

6. Bernabéu Stadium Tour- For the Soccer/Football Lovers

The home stadium of the Real Madrid Soccer/Football team, one of the most famous professional and successful teams in the entire world. This tour is perfect for football lovers, as the tour allows you to learn the history of the Real Madrid team and their football prowess.

You can also learn about the different cups won throughout the team’s history, watch videos of important and defining team moments, and witness countless club memorabilia. Not only that, some tours offer access to exclusive areas of the stadium, so you can see everything from not only the field, but even the locker rooms and the museum inside. This tour is a Real Madrid fan’s perfect setting.

8. Madrid Zoo/Aquarium- See Animals and Plants from All Around the World

If you’re visiting with family, or just interested in animals, Madrid has a large and extensive zoo and aquarium where you can see animals and plants from all over the globe all in one place. You can expect to find anything from aquatic animals such as dolphins and sea lions, to exotic types of birds, and land animals such as elephants and gorillas.

The Zoo Aquarium de Madrid has 6,000 animals if 500 different species in total, making it the largest zoo in all of Spain. You can catch fun exhibition shows that feature dolphins and other animals, and your mind can be at ease knowing that the zoo passes all animal welfare standards.

8. Tablao Flamenco Torres Bermejas – The Best Dinner/Show Combination in Madrid

If you fancy seeing Spain’s musical side at dinner, then the Tablao Flamenco Torres Bermejas is the place for you. Built in 1960, the beautiful restaurant if decorated with Arabic tiles and wood-carved ceilings.

Tablao Flamenco Torres Bermejas offers live, passionate flamenco shows. This unique experience gives you a first-hand look at the beauty and dedication it takes to perform a flamenco show, and how great the music and dancing intertwine, all while offering absolutely delicious Spanish cuisine.

This high-rated venue will no doubt leave you with an unforgettable and impressionable artistic interpretation of one of the most famous Spanish cultures of all time.

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