Ten Most Common Questions About Spain

As a Tourism agency, we get a lot of questions about lovely Spain, so we decided to make this blog addressing the ten most common questions that we get about Spain! This country is fascinating, intriguing, and just all-around a paradise, and we hope that you can find some informative information here. If you have any other questions about Spain, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

1. What’s the Capital of Spain?

The capital of Spain is the city of Madrid. This elegant capital is filled with history, rich and beautiful boulevards and landmarks, and has over three million people, making it the most popular city in all of Spain. You can learn more about visiting Madrid here: (The Best Tours in Madrid)

2. What is Spain so Famous For?

Besides the long and rich history, Spain is mainly famous for being one of the most travelled-to tourist countries in the world, with its population literally doubling during the Spring and Summer seasons. The stunning scenery, friendly culture, and deliciously out-of-the-world food are only some of the reasons that Spain is so loved, and keeps people coming back.

3. Which Currency is Used in Spain

Being part of the European Union, the main currency of Spain, is the Euro. The Euro is the official currency of 19 of the 27 countries in the European Union, and over 350 million people use it as their primary currency. As of August of 2022, the Euro is currently about equal to the United States Dollar.

4. Is Spain Expensive?

Surprisingly, Spain is one of the cheaper countries in Europe, which makes tourism and vacations all the more fun! Generally, the price of goods and services in Spain is much lower than the neighboring countries, so visitors often find the country to be quite affordable.

5. What’s There to Do in Spain?

Since Spain is so big on tourism, there’s always something to do, no matter what someone’s in to. Spain boasts some of the most prominent and recognized museums in the world, the largest aquarium in all of Europe, thousands of beautiful beaches, and well-maintained ancient landmarks. Spain also has festivals year-round, which are all unique and a ton of fun in their own way.

6. How Many Beaches Does Spain Have?

Spain has over 3,000 beaches! You can find different beaches all over the country and on the different islands. Some of the beaches that can be found include hidden beaches, beaches by cliffs, and beaches inside natural parks. The one thing that the beaches all have in common, is that they’re stunning in their own way.

7. Is it Easy to Go to Spain’s Islands?

The islands of Spain are one of its highlights, with famous islands such as Tenerife in the Canary Islands and Ibiza in the Balearic Islands. These islands receive tens of thousands of tourists annually, so Spain has made it easy and comfortable to reach them. You can reach these islands by short ferry rides, or even shorter plane rides, and they are sure to provide different options of travel, and to be affordable.

8. What’s the Most Popular Sport in Spain?

The most popular sport in Spain is 100% Soccer, or Football. Spain boasts some of the best Football teams in the world, with two of them being Real Madrid, and Barcelona. These teams have over 400 million fans worldwide each, and they rake in almost a billion dollars a year annually.

9. What’s the Food Like in Spain?

Spanish food is primarily based in Mediterranean cuisine. There are hundreds of different unique dishes for every type of meal whether it’s breakfast, lunch, dinner, or most importantly, for snacking, which is incredibly common because of Spain’s Tapas. You can read more about Spanish food HERE.

10. Who are Some Famous Spanish People?

The most famous Spaniard in history, is no other than Christopher Columbus, who made a journey all the way to what is now America. Other famous Spanish people include the artists Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali, one of the greatest Tennis players of all time Rafael Nadal, and actress Penelope Cruz. There’s so much world-known talent that has come out of Spain and has influenced people’s lives.

Do you have more questions about Spain? Feel free to contact us!



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