Seasons of Spain | Best Time of Year to Visit Spain

Spain is mainly famous for its warm, subtropical climate; this makes it a pleasure to visit for beach holidays. Most tourists will visit Spain during the spring or summer season, but Spain has a unique life of its own during every season! In this blog article, we’ll be looking at each season, and what they mean for Spain and for tourists.

Summer in Spain

Most tourists prefer going to Spain in the summer, because that’s when the country is most lively. Even on the Canary Islands, you’ll always find something to do and sights to see. Summer and beaches go hand-in-hand, and there’s dozens of full-of-life beaches that can be found both on the Mediterranean coast, and the Atlantic.

Businesses even take a month-long break because of the heat during August, where everyone decides to spend the time enjoying themselves at the beach, and trying different foods at the hundreds of stalls that are available.

The most famous Summer event, “La Tomatina”, which is a big tomato fight that happens in the streets of Valencia, all in good fun, also occurs this season. So no matter which part of Spain you decide to visit during the Summer, you’ll find the beaches to be the most lively, and Spain to be filled with special events and all sorts of people.

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Fall in Spain

Autumn in Spain is very warm, with cool weather at night. Since it’s not as hot as the summer, you can find events such as Fall festivals and live concerts that all come with the changing of the leaves. This is a great time to visit because exerting yourself won’t leave you melting into a puddle as Summer would, where you’d only be able to cool off near the beach.

With the beautiful changing of the leaves and the cool weather, comes along the booming of cultural attractions, such as museums and different sorts of markets. A day could be spent learning about the Spanish heritage and rich history, and you’d still have time to catch the night festivals and live concerts at night, to truly get a taste of Spain.

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Winter in Spain

As with any season, the Spanish people are also lively during the wintertime too! This may be because Winter is generally milder than you’d expect, but it’s still cold enough where ski resorts and skiing is one of the most popular activities of the season.

There are not only Ski resorts found everywhere that are friendly to any skiing professional level, but this is the time for celebration, with people specifically coming to visit Spain in the winter for their Christmas, Three King’s Day, and New Year’s celebrations. This is the main carnival season of Spain, especially in February.

During New Year’s, you can expect a barrage of bright and colorful fireworks, and during all of the holidays, you can expect markets to be booming, as they’re extremely popular and diverse at this time of the year.

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Spring in Spain

A wide range of holidays also occur during the Spring season, such as Easter, Labor & Spring holidays, and many different types of festivals, all unique in their own way, such as “La Fallas”, a colorful festival with big Papier-mâché figures that are paraded around town. At the end of this festival, all of the figures are burned, except the winning figure of the year.

Spring is the most naturally colorful time in Spain, as seasonal flowers and entire gardens bloom. Springtime brings Spring showers where the nature comes back to life in the most radiant way. Simply just walking around Spain during Spring is a beautiful sight to behold.

Spring, the biggest celebratory season of Spain, is also famous for hosting countless food & wine festivals, and people are always overjoyed to welcome the coming of the summer solstice, which is truly worth all of the occurring celebrations.

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Which Season is for You?

No matter what you’re looking to do on your vacation, you can always find something depending on the season. We hope that this guide to Spain’s unique seasons and activities has helped you find out which time is right for you. All we know, is that Spain is gorgeous all-year round, and that there will always be something mesmerizing and full-of-life to be found, no matter the time of the year.

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