6 Best Beaches in Spain

Best Beaches in Spain

With over 3,000 different unique beaches along its coastline, it’s no wonder that Spain has some of the most amazing and unique golden beaches in the entire world. Spain’s beaches provide warm weather, beautiful scenery, and endless beach activities- these advantages make it the perfect place for your beach vacations. Here are some of our favorite spots from the thousands of beach options available:

The 6 Best Beaches in Spain:

1. La Concha, San Sebastian

La Concha beach, san sebastian, Spain

We’re starting the list off strong with a fan-favorite and culturally significant location. Widely regarded as the most beautiful beach in all of Europe, La Concha is surrounded by beautiful green mountains, with a small island right in the middle of its sea. Not only is the beach simply stunning, you can rent boats or go paddling or kayaking in its sea. The beach itself is also surrounded by highly rated restaurants.

La Concha is always an unforgettable experience because everything from the natural landscape, to the services offered, is highly recommended.

2. Playa Gran- Tossa De Mar, Costa Brava

In north-east Spain on the Catalonian coast, you can find the beautiful region of Costa Brava, one of its unique beaches, is in the city of Tossa De Mar. One of the beaches of Tossa De Mar for example, is the Playa Gran, which is known for its soft golden shores, and deep blue waters.

Although stunning by its own, the most unique and mesmerizing aspect of Playa Gran is the 14th-Century fortifications that overlook the bay; at night, these fortifications are lit up, giving off beautiful light which is the perfect partner of night swimming and relaxing.

3. Cala D’en Serra, Ibiza

Ibiza is the party central of not just Spain, but the whole continent of Europe in general. If you find yourself in Ibiza and wanting to relax after a fun night of partying, then look no further than Cala D’en Serra.

This beach is perfect for unwinding because it’s hiding between a rocky enclave. The beach bar in the area also provides food and drinks served right to your sunbed, so you can stay on the powdery soft sand to eat and reenergize. So if you need some seclusion or a break from all the partying, this quiet and elegant beach is the perfect spot for it.

4. Puerto Banus, Marbella

You can expect 330 days of sunshine a year at the Puerto Banus marina. This rich, elegant, and full-of-life beach is a dream vacation’s cherry on top. This coastal village is built in an Andalusian style by José Banus and the architect who designed and built Beverly Hills.

This spot is filled with luxury shopping centers and is absolutely adored by celebrities, with many who are world-famous living here. Marbella is the perfect sea-side resort for those who want to feel like celebrities, and take a walk in their shoes.

5. Maspalomas Beach, Gran Canaria

A real desert in Europe, with sandy dunes stretching for miles. This sophisticated and stylish beach’s number one attraction is the sand. You can find a space for everyone at this beach, while sunbathing and relaxing for hours. You can also rent a jet-ski or paddle boat for a pleasant adventure out in the beach, or even ride a camel through the sandy dunes all around.

6. Playa de Silencio, Asturias

Playa de Silencio literally translated to “The Beach of Silence”, which is a fitting name for this quiet and mellow beach experience. Found near the town of Cudillero, this beach’s rock formations block nearly all of the wind, making it one of the quietest beaches that can be found, a truly serene experience can be had here.

This raw, silver-sanded beach, is free from all facilities, so be sure to pack a snack if you plan on a peaceful getaway to this secluded and small-crowded getaway spot.

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Best Beaches in Spain

6 Best Beaches in Spain

With over 3,000 different unique beaches along its coastline, it’s no wonder that Spain has some of the most amazing and unique golden beaches in

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