5 Unmatched Festivals and Events in Spain

The full of life and one-of-a-kind Festivals, or Fiestas in Spain, hold a very dear and special place for both nationals and tourists alike. There are only a few places in the world where you’ll find such a rich mixture of culture, tradition, religion, and colorful ceremonies. In Spain the festivities are always extravagant, unique, and you can always bet that they will be something worth seeing and experiencing.

1. Festes De La Merce (Human Tower)- Final Week of September, Barcelona

While the highlight of the Festes De La Merce is the human tower competition (Castellers), which is a grand sight to behold, the festival is one of the biggest that happen in the year! Located in Barcelona, this Five-day festival has parades, fire cracker runs (Correfoc), and giant sculptures of dragons and demons are parades through the streets. La Merce has something for everyone, music, food, street performances, and more!

2. Benicassim Festival- Mid July, Castellon Province

Widely regarded as the biggest music festival in Spain, this Four-day international event occurs between Valencia and Barcelona. This event brings musical artists from all genre whether it’s rock, pop, hip-hop, or electronic music, hosting world-famous musicians that have been annually coming and headlining since 1995. The event also hosts shorts films, art shows, and incredible fashion shows, all which come together to bring the most entertainment for over a hundred thousand attendees.

3. Las Fallas De Valencia (The Festival of Fire)- 15th to 20th of March, Valencia

An extravagant, week-long celebration that takes place in Valencia. In commemoration of Saint Joseph, you can find vibrant street parades, beauty pageants, marching bands, and costume shows. The main two events of this festival of fire are the Mascleta, which is a magnificent display of fireworks and live music, and the Fallas show, which is when impressive figures are paraded through the streets, with all but one of them being burned on the final day of the festival. This is one of the most unique events that can be found worldwide, and it always brings fun and amusement to those who attend and participate.

4. New Year’s Eve- December, Nationwide + Barcelona

The New Year’s (and Christmas) celebrations that occur in Spain are like no other. Expect lots of street parties and parades, fireworks, food, and entertainment. You can expect to participate in events such as eating the lucky grapes, where if 12 grapes are eaten in unison with the striking of the clock ushers in the next year, the year will be prosperous and filled with good luck! This fun tradition resonates the fun, laughter, and excitement of the Spanish people, as the night is just beginning and more joyous celebrations are on the way!

The New Year’s parties last until dawn, and many places have different forms of entertainment, whether it’s shows, music, or even (very) late dinners. All of this is done to welcome the new year in a positive way, with positive wishes of good health and happiness for all.

5. Carnival- February, Nationwide

Right before the holy week of Lent, and then Easter begin, Spain throws its most popular and biggest party in the nation. During Carnival, there are celebrations all over Spain, with Tenerife being the main and biggest place to celebrate, while other places such as Cadiz, and Sitges also go all out and spare no expenses for the festival. You can expect the wildest costumes, loud music, huge street parties, and massive parades all around Spain. This celebration is the epitome of joy, happiness, and fun. This event ultimately is so that people have the most fun they possibly can, before the upcoming renewal that’s ushered in by Lend and Easter.

These Festivals are only just the beginning, there are countless others that are held for traditional or religious celebration, and all of them are unique in their own way. The copious amounts of festivals ensure that there’s something to do all-year round, and they embody the full-of-life spirit of the Spanish people, while both celebrating their rich history, and love for joy, colors, and fun.

Have you been to any of Spain’s festivals? Share your experience with us in the comments!

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