5 More Unforgettable Festivals in Spain

With so many unique and wonderous celebrations occurring in Spain, we had to make another list to highlight some more of people’s favorite events that occur yearly! Spain is so full of life, with an impressive number of festivals that are all special in their own way, and these are only a select few of what you can expect when you visit. 

1. La Tomatina- August 28th, Valencia

La Tomatina, is one of the most famous, messy, and fun events in the entire world. This event that occurs in Bunol, attracts 10,000 people a year! The festival starts off early at 9am, where a piece of meat is put high up on a greased-up pole in the town square, while people try to get it for two full hours, usually ending in failure as the pole is so greased up, but a fun spectacle to watch and try!

At around 11AM, people start seeing massive trucks coming into town, and these trucks unload a huge amount of ripe tomatoes onto the streets. A cannon will go off signaling the most fun and exhilarating event of La Tomatina, where for a whole hour, mayhem strikes; participants all throw tomatoes at each other in the world’s biggest tomato fight. The streets turn into a mixture of tomato puree and tomato juice, while everyone laughs and enjoys the madness. A second cannon goes off after an hour, signaling the end of La Tomatina, where everyone disperses to go home and wash off the tomato remains. This event is truly unique and unmatched in the world, and an absolute spectacle to be in.

2. Festival of San Fermin & El Encierro (The Bull Run)- 6th to 14th of July Pamplona

The running of the bulls may be the most famous (and controversial) event that happens annually in Spain. This one is for those who have no fears and will risk some danger for the payoff of an experience that will surely never be matched or forgotten. In this event, the participants will attempt to outrun enraged bulls in closed off streets of the city, with the goal of the participants being to touch as many bulls as possible! This one is perfect for the adrenaline-fueled and the risk takers.

               2.5 Boloencierro (The Ball Run)- August 24th , Madrid

For those who like the base idea of El Encierro, but don’t want to risk the danger, instead of running with the bulls, you can run with the balls. This event that started in 2011 has quickly gained popularity and become a yearly event in Spain. The famous, safer alternative to El Encierro consists of hundreds of participants attempting to outrun a polystrene ball weighing over 100 KGs, and the spectacle can also be watched for those who do not want to participate.

3. La Tamborrada (Drum Festival)- 20th of January, San Sebastian

The Drum Festival begins on midnight and continues until midnight the next day. The city’s flag is raised and the town gathers to sing and celebrate their traditions and culture. The drummers wear traditional soldier uniforms as they play the drums for a full 24 hours in celebration. The loud, colorful, and festive event is unlike any other. The drumming is accompanied by parades which go on until the flag is then lowered the next night, signaling the end of the festival.

This event is unlike other to spectate, as you watch the patriotism and love that the Spanish people have for their country, and learn just how much it all means to them.

4. Barcelona Beach Festival- Beginning of July, Barcelona

A massive party, located on the golden beaches of Barcelona. This music festival not only attracts large crowds which consist of thousands of people, but hosts world renowned headliners to perform. Light shows are put on, crazy special effects are used, and the party goes on for a solid 12 hours of fun! This event is the perfect immersion of music and beach love, bringing the best aspects of those two elements together. The festival is sure to be a time of magic, and positive, freeing energy all around!

5. Festa Major De Garcia- 15th – 21st of August, Barcelona

Held in Spain’s capital, this summer festival consists of neighborhoods coming together in attempt to win most beautiful and uniquely decorated streets! The streets in the competition take this competition very seriously, often going the extra mile to create marvelous and extravagant displays. You can also find many street vendors and performers throughout these streets, all allowing this event to give off a colorful and welcoming atmosphere. Tour different streets for different experience, and get a taste of Spanish culture along the way.

If we were to write about every festival that occurs in Spain, we would never be able to stop writing! Spain’s celebrations, which can be found in different forms all year long, is just one of many reasons why the country gets millions of tourists yearly; no matter which time you’re able to go, there’s bound to be something festive going on! Please make sure to check the dates for the festivals if you’re traveling to Spain this year, as some festival dates change every year.

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