10 Essential Tips for Traveling to Spain

Being one of the most visited countries in the world, Spain boasts some of the best and most unique places on Earth. Whether you’re going for a relaxing getaway, for the rich history, or for the culture and festivals , there’s something for everyone in this beautiful and golden-beached country.

Although Spain is incredibly visitor-friendly, we decided to write our Ten favorite tips that would be helpful to know before visiting Spain.

1. Write down emergency numbers in Spain

While this trip is often booked for relaxation and adventure, the first thing to know is that it’s better to be safe than sorry! If there are any emergencies of any kind, the emergency numbers in Spain are:

  • 112 for all emergencies
  • 061 for an ambulance
  • 092 for local police

It’s worth noting that if you call 112 for all emergencies, a Spanish SIM card or area code are NOT needed. For a tourist helpline, you can call 902 or 102; the tourist helpline representatives speak many languages, including English, French, German, and much more.

2. Learn Some Basic Spanish

While you can usually find someone that speaks English, especially around the tourist areas, the local people will appreciate and welcome hearing some phrases from their local language. You don’t have to have an entire conversation in Spanish, but knowing a little of the lingo, goes a long way. Some basic phrases to be used are

“Si” (Yes)

“No” (No)

“Hola” (Hello)

“Adios” (Goodbye)

“Buenos Dias” (Good Morning)

“Buenas Noches” (Good Evening/Night)

“Gracias” (Thank You)

“Habla Ingles?” (Do you speak English?)

You can learn more phrases and words with apps such as Duolingo, or you can find helpful and basic guides online.

3. Grab Some Euros

Spain’s main currency is the Euro, which as of right now (July 2022), is about the same as the US Dollar. ATMs can be found everywhere, and your bank will let you withdraw whichever currency you choose into Euro, alternatively if your money is in cash, you can find some exchange places that will give you Euros for your currency.

Be sure to have Euros on you, as you won’t find many places (besides specific exchanges) that will accept other currencies when paying.

4. Be Sure to Try Local Spanish Food

Whether you’re into seafood, cured meats, light vegetable dishes, or sandwiches, Spain has a unique spin on it all! Be sure to check out some Spanish foods that you won’t be able to taste anywhere else such as Paella, El Arroz Negro, and of course, Bocadillos!

Of course, Tapas will be available throughout the entire country, and we recommend that you try as many different kinds as you’d like, as there are so many different kinds. You can check here for some more information about Spain’s irresistible food!

5. Expect to Eat Late

Dinner in Spain begins no earlier than 9pm, often with the actual meal being eaten at around 10:00 or 10:30, so be sure to fill up during lunch, which is the main and biggest meal eaten in Spain.

If you get hungry before dinner, do like the Spanish and eat some Tapas! Tapas are small dishes with hundreds of different variations, they’re usually eaten all throughout the day until before dinner.

Some restaurants may even not serve food before a certain time, as everyone eats dinner so late, so you’d have to come back during the appropriate time, but tapas are available all day and every day.

6. Tipping Isn’t Necessary in Spain

Waiters and bartenders in Spain get paid a full living wage, often with medical benefits, so tipping isn’t the norm there. If you pay the exact bill, you’ve done all that’s required for you, although if the service was truly outstanding and you’d like to show your appreciation, leaving a few coins or Euros is also valid.

Sometimes restaurants will add a service charge to the bill which can be considered as the tip. If not, adding 10-15% of the bill can be a nice way to show appreciation; just remember that it’s absolutely not necessary and it’s up to you.

7. Spain has Excellent Public Transport

While you can most definitely get around to most of Spain with a taxi, Spain also offers cheaper methods of travel such as busses and trains. The Spanish public transport system is well organized, efficient, and much cheaper than a taxi would be.

Also, it’s notable to say that some flights may be cheaper than some trains, depending on where you’d like to go in Spain, so always double check the transport options and find what works best for you.

8. Relax and Take in the View

With astounding architecture, breathtaking views, and beautiful parks everywhere in Spain, sometimes it’s hard to take a step back and just appreciate where you are. There’s so much beauty in Spain that sometimes we get overwhelmed and forget to enjoy the spot we’re standing in. Sometimes taking a breath and looking around is all that’s needed for an inspiring moment to be had.

9. Keep an Eye Out for Local Spanish Festivities

With so many cultural and celebratory festivals throughout the entire country, it’s not very hard to find some sort of celebration or party around. Spanish festivals are like no others, and we recommend checking at least one out on your trip. Festivals can range from being at one location, to street parties, to even being throughout an entire town. These unique events are worth it to stop by and take in the energy, and enjoy the delicious food!

Read: 5 Unforgettable Festival In Spain

10. Let Us Plan Your Trip

If you want to have a care-free trip while getting the most out of your time, be sure to let us know about the activities you’d really like to do! Here, at Ondas, we will make sure to design your trip with you and your interest in mind! You’ll have nothing to worry about as you’ll always be able to contact our professional tour guides, and our expertise will be put in use to make your trip nothing less of absolutely unforgettable!

Are you ready for the trip of a lifetime to Spain?



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